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22 02, 2016

How Your Marketing is Holding You Back from Growing

The competitive world in which we live has made it more challenging than ever to run a successful business without marketing. Healthcare is not immune to this need. There is a growing trend for medical marketing, however, what is most effective isn’t always what the doctor ordered. […]

4 02, 2016

Patient Education Videos and Why Your Practice Needs Them Now (and how to make them)

Video has been proven to be a highly effective and popular way to educate. From high schools and universities to homemade instructional DIY projects, the ability to learn from a video as opposed to a manual is appealing. When presented an opportunity to read a three-page article on how a surgical procedure is performed or watch a three-minute video, most people will opt for the video. […]

19 01, 2016

How to Create a Patient Survey They’ll Actually Complete

A necessary part of any marketing strategy is having a firm grasp on the customer experience in order to elevate satisfaction rates. This is especially true in healthcare, when reimbursements rates and growth depend on it. While most patients are happy to write a positive review or complete a patient satisfaction survey about their provider, many don’t. While the cause for patients to not respond can vary, the reason is often a lack of time and a poorly constructed survey.


8 01, 2016

Why the Future of Healthcare Depends on Patient Reviews

Patients are becoming more dependent on physician review sites such as HealthGrades and Vitals when choosing a medical provider. According to a Nuance survey of approximately 3,000 patients, more than half of millennials (mid to late 30s and younger) used online reviews to “shop” for a doctor. This has created a strong need for providers to actively solicit feedback from patients. […]

14 12, 2015

Five Key Elements to a Successful Medical Marketing Plan

As the year comes to a close and medical practices see the last of their patients of 2015, the needs and goals of the New Year begin to take shape in the minds of organization leaders. Due to the time involved in creating a strategic marketing plan, businesses often take the supposed easier approach and create a “per diem” marketing plan. While marketing in this capacity may seem easier at first glance, businesses that market this way often lack the focus needed for the kind of growth they desire. Surprisingly, they typically spend much more in marketing than if a well-thought marketing plan was followed. […]

23 11, 2015

Five Healthcare Marketing Trends You Must Include in Your 2016 Strategy

Marketing is an evolutionary process. What works for one business, may not work for another. Businesses must stay in tune to the hottest trends when it comes to successfully marketing their organization. As a medical marketing firm, finding and sharing the latest trends to help our clients succeed is a necessary part of the business. Here are five healthcare marketing trends for 2016 that your business is not going to want to overlook.   […]

6 11, 2015

How Point of Care Marketing Can Grow Your Medical Practice

Your facility has a holiday savings event coming up. You’ll be giving free mini facials, product demonstrations and samples, and you’ve even decided to add some fun contests into the day for those who attend. But if you’re simply relying on a newspaper or television ad to get the word out there, you’ve only conquered 29% of the battle. […]

20 10, 2015

Five Things that Drive Patients Away

In order to be effective, receive reimbursements and grow, healthcare organizations must be in tune to the patient experience. The challenge, however, is having a clear-cut and effective way to measure and understand the patient experience so the right changes can be made. […]

9 10, 2015

The Patients You Should Be Focusing On

There are many facets to medical marketing. In order to be successful one must consider where the bulk of the revenue generated is coming from. According to the Pareto Principle, 80% of the revenue a practice generates comes from 20% of patients (customers). Rather than focusing your marketing efforts trying to attract business from all of your patients consider implementing programs that are attractive to your ideal patient. […]

24 09, 2015

Seven Mistakes Great Doctors Never Make

To err is human, to learn from the mistakes others have made is a priceless gift no smart doctor would refuse. Here are seven mistakes great doctors never make and how you can avoid making them too.


14 09, 2015

The Truth Behind Your Patient Satisfaction Scores

If you are interested in improving your patient satisfaction scores, you should consider investing time and money in your staff. The Health Care Satisfaction Report by Press Ganey, Inc., noted that increases in employee satisfaction are associated with increases in patient satisfaction. The centers for Medicare & Medicaid understand this. That is why it is more important than ever for hospitals and medical practices to be proactive in ensuring their patients have a positive experience. The bottom line of the organization depends on it.


1 09, 2015

Why Point of Care Marketing Is Good for Your Medical Practice

Patients come to your practice every day with a specific need. As a medical provider, it is your goal to meet most, if not all of your patients’ medical needs. What happens when your patient has a need that is not brought up during a visit because they do not know that they should bring it up – or even worse, that you can help? This disconnect is experienced by many medical providers, however, there is a way to combat it. By using point of care marketing, you can make the most of the time patients are in your practice through education and targeted advertising. […]

21 08, 2015

If You’re Not Capturing This, You’re In Trouble – The Power of Email Marketing

Finding affordable ways to build a brand and generate new leads and patients is a top priority for most healthcare decision makers. Yet, many businesses get in the rut of marketing the same way over and over, just because that is how its always been done. Today’s patients don’t respond the same way to traditional marketing. In order to be effective, businesses must break free from tradition and go where their target market is. […]

12 08, 2015

How to Improve the Patient Experience in Just One Step

Improving the patient experience is priority one for most healthcare organizations. They realize that one of the most effective medical marketing strategies is a happy patient. Yet the way many go about achieving this falls short. While free Wi-Fi and comfortable waiting room chairs are important, the thing your patients most need is you and the skill they desire you have is adept communication. […]

29 07, 2015

Blogging Strategies for the Busy Medical Practice

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to generate new leads and patients for your medical organization. Each blog provides a new way to be found by search engines through the use of unique keywords. Blogs allow businesses to provide information on a variety of topics that are relevant to their organization in an non threatening manner. When executed properly, blogs position medical providers as thought leaders in their industry. […]

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